We are a local group based around Highgate in North London. We want to make a tangible and meaningful difference to the refugee crisis on our doorstep, and help those in most need: from welcoming unaccompanied child refugees to supporting young refugees in realising their potential in London to helping those in Europe in dire need, to helping our local centre in Islington.

Our Mission

• Support Safe Passage (part of Citizens UK) and the Dubs campaign to bring up unaccompanied child refugees into  Britain. We will campaign to councils/MPs’ to ensure as many as possible are resettled in our local  boroughs.  http://safepassage.org.uk/

•  Raise funds for the vital work of our local Islington Centre, who provide a lifeline to refugees once they are in London. http://www.islingtoncentre.co.uk/

•  Help young refugees build their lives in the UK and integrate into local communities through Young Roots http://youngroots.org.uk/

• Raise funds for vulnerable refugees in Europe supporting the vital work of Help Refugees www.helprefguees.org.uk

“There is much you can do. The problem is vast and complex, but it breaks down into component parts. And many of these smaller parts are available to lend help to. Let’s come together over this, and see what we can achieve at this moment of greatest need for so many.”
— Juliet Stevenson

Who WE work WITH

  • Safe Passage (Dubs Fund)

  • Young Roots

  • Islington Centre

  • Help Refugees