REFUGEES WELCOME Summit - Birmingham 10 September

Highgate Has Heart attended the first conference for all groups in the UK which support the resettlement of refugees into local communities. Organised by Citizens UK, it was a mega-gathering of 450+  from the outer reaches of Scotland to Cornwall to unite and inspire local groups to share knowledge, network and create action plans. We looked at what we have collectively achieved and what needs to be done. In both cases a great deal. There were contributions from Citizens UK, Refugee Action, the all-Parliamentary Group on Refugees, the Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Birmingham City Council and Migrants Organise. We attended the Community Sponsorship led by Kate Carr of Home Office Resettlement Team, Neil Jameson of Citizens UK and Tim Finch. We gathered facts and insights on how we could get such a scheme off the ground and what's involved. This is a tangible way we can help in our communities and the Home Office seem to be behind it.

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