A year ago the tragic image of three-year-old Alan Kurdi’s drowned body on a Turkish beach shocked the world.  100,000 marched in London to tell our Government that we want to welcome refugees in the UK, to stop this desperate loss of life and to help refugees build a new life.  

A year on, world leaders will meet in New York to discuss the refugee crisis at a crucial summit with Theresa May attending to represent Britain’s position. That’s why people from all over Britain will be taking to London’s streets on September 17 in order to send a strong #RefugeesWelcome message to our Government. This is the biggest opportunity of 2016 to show our Government and the world that Britain is ready to welcome more refugees. HighgateHasHeart, our friends and supporters, will be standing alongside refugee and human rights charities, community groups from across the country and individuals who simply care, to call on the public and the government to show their support for refugees.


Start: Join the march meeting point at 12.30 on the southbound carriageway on Park Lane.  The nearest tube stations are Hyde Park Corner and Marble Arch.

For those who are local and want to join us, we will meet before at 11.45 at Archway tube and will head to Park Lane.

Finish: The route will take us to Parliament Square, where there will be with music and speeches at around 3pm until 5pm


Since the public outcry a year ago, the refugee situation has deteriorated and it’s getting more urgent and desperate as each day passes. The refugee numbers in Europe have increased and there is no sign that the situation will improve. The situation in the Calais jungle has reached crisis point, with unacceptable conditions, food supplies and basic provisions running out, and most worryingly, the threat of an imminent demolition by French authorities, without any clear plan in place

Last year the Government pledged to accept 20,000 vulnerable refugees from Syria and in May under the Dubs Amendment, pledged to take up to 3,000 unaccompanied children who are right now at risk in France, Greece and Italy. To date only about 200 Syrian refugees have been resettled here and NO children have been so far resettled under the Dubs amendment. There are currently 608 unaccompanied child refugees in Calais, of which 170 have been identified as having the legal right to be in the UK because they have family here (Dublin 3 children). Under the Citizens UK “Safe Passage” scheme, about 50 so far have been transferred and another 35 live cases underway. The administrative process is painfully slow and beset with bureaucracy, while these children languish in dire circumstances often for 6 months for each live case. 

We hope you will take part in the march on Saturday to show that you care and that we feel that doing nothing is not an option. We want to tell the government that we are here to help. The UK should be doing its fair share in this crisis and working with other countries to give refugees safe, legal routes to asylum, ending the trade in human trafficking and other exploitation of basic human rights.

That’s why it’s vital that you join us on 17 September and encourage your friends to do the same. Public pressure and solidarity make a difference.

Please tell your friends and family about the march and tweet about it #WeStandWithYou

Email with any comments or questions.