We are a local group based in Highgate, who have created a project to run a community campaign to raise money and offer tangible support to refugees on the ground in Calais and in Europe, help unaccompanied child refugees to come safely to Britain and help resettle some refugees in our local area. Inspired by the actress Juliet Stevenson, it’s a non-political campaign to support the dignity and safety of refugees, and help them build a future.

We are raising funds and awareness to lend support to refugee camps in Calais, campaign to allow as many of the 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees allowed  and to support the Islington Refugee Centre for refugees already in London. We welcome involvement from everyone, whether locally or further afield, whether support in cash or in kind, in practical help or by adding your voice to the campaign.

We want to demonstrate that HIGHGATE HAS HEART and do what we can to help these vulnerable people.

Photography by Juliet Stevenson and Film by Tomo xxxxx



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