From Juliet Stevenson

Juliet Stevenson, actress and co-founder of HighgateHasHeart

Juliet Stevenson, actress and co-founder of HighgateHasHeart

“You will have read so much in the media about the current refugee crisis. Perhaps the greatest danger of all is that we are becoming inured to it, exhausted by a situation which seems to offer no solutions, in the face of the widespread failure of political will to find some.

        But what’s real is that the suffering of hundreds of thousands of refugees all over Europe is tangible and ongoing. In this last week, over 800 more people were drowned in the Mediterranean, many of whom were women and children. In France a fire devastated the minimal tents and shelters in the camp, and hundreds there are now without even a canvas roof, the kitchen was destroyed and their few belongings burnt. There are 95,000 unaccompanied refugee children in Europe, defenceless against the predatory traffickers who are ever present, and according to Interpol, 10,000 children have gone missing, off the radar, over the last year across Europe. At borders now shut, hundreds of thousands wait in increasing despair as their last options close down…

   “Yes, but what can I do?” is a cry I often hear, and understandably.

  But there is much you can do. The problem is vast and complex, but it does break down into component parts. And many of these parts are available to lend help to. I have been working these last months with two remarkable organisations, Citizens UK and Help Refugees, whom I have frequently witnessed working with real efficiency and integrity, with nothing wasted on bureaucracy or admin, delivering help directly to those who most need it with imagination, wisdom and efficacy.

   These are the organisations we are seeking to raise money for.

There will much of a more practical nature to do, if you would like to, once the refugee children from Europe are finally allowed in, thanks to the Dubs amendment.

  Please join us. We would love your help, ideas, skills and thoughts. There are many kinds of contribution you can make, and can encourage those in your workplace to make too.

   Let’s come together over this, and see what we can achieve at this moment of greatest need for so many.”

Juliet Stevenson on behalf of HIGHGATE HAS HEART.